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About & Contact

Hi 👋

If you order an item, please post a picture/review of it on reddit or twitter.

All items are final sale; no refunds or exchanges at this time unless the order is cancelled before it’s fulfilled.

Nerch is a transparent startup. Click here to see our shop metrics and statistics.

10% of profits go to nano developers and projects voted on by the community at the end of each year.

Thank you for your support!

Brought to you by NanoNerd99

I’m a professional digital marketer. I made nerch for fun and to support the community.

Click here to purchase a marketing consultation. I can teach you how to build websites, launch products, and how to get traffic/users/customers to your business.

I also offer free digital marketing, content marketing, and SEO advice to anyone from the nano community. Just contact me.

Creator of BuyXNO.com
Reddit: NanoNerd99
Twitter: NanoNerd99
TikTok: NanoNerd99
Youtube: NanoNerd99
Discord: NanoNerd99

Email: nanonerd99 at gmail dot com

Request a custom design

To upload your own design, use the create your own t-shirt feature.

For custom colors, custom designs, or additional products not listed, contact me.

If you want a design placed differently, for example if you want the Nano logo smaller or placed in a different area on a shirt, let me know.

If you want a design on a product not listed (eg. 133 Club design on a flag), let me know and I’ll add it to the store.