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Open Startup: Transparent Metrics

Nerch is an open startup.

An open startup is a company which operates in the open and shares their statistics publicly.

At Nerch, we want to be transparent with the community about our sales and other metrics because we want to show everyone that nano is being used and we want to excite the community so more people are motivated to build services and products with nano tech.

For those that want to build an ecommerce shop that accepts nano in 30 minutes or less, use Sellix.

Our current metrics

Page last updated: Nov 18 2021

Website live since: June 2021

Initial investment: 1500 usd (designers, developer, domain and hosting, product samples, etc.)

Time investment: >80 hours

Tech stack: wordpress, nano payment plugin, and woocommerce

Total orders: 21

Total items ordered: 37

Orders sent to 9 different countries

Total revenue: ~151 nano or about 891 usd

Profits: ~157 usd or about 28 nano (not including initial investment of $1500 – I’m still in the red)

Profit margin: ~18%

Website traffic: see embedded report below